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Package Description

Compatible OneSync (Legacy, Infinity), QB-Core (all release versions should work, if not open a ticket)

Available languages: English, French, German

Depedencies:  QB-Core, ghmattimysql, menuv, pmc-instance (fork by myself)

No IP-Lock/Obfsucation !



What does the script bring ?

It is a system of garages. Players will be able to purchase garages to store their vehicles. They can also invite their friends inside.

What are the features ?

  • Buy garages (the player can see with a camera outside of the garage)
  • Instance system which means that players can't see each other, there vehicles in the same garage, speak/listen unless they are invited to it.
  • Add/Remove/Replace vehicles to the garage
  • Blacklist or Whitelist vehicles (with their hash)
  • Multiple Shop NPCs
  • Enable or disable friendly fire in garage
  • Save and set vehicles properties
  • Invite friends to his garage
  • Logs with discord webhook
  • Compatible with all IPL (just add the coords to the config)

I want to customize the script, what is available to me ?

  • You can modify the formatting money function
  • You can modify the notification function to adapt to your scripts
  • You can modify the remove vehicle function
  • You can modify the way to get/set vehicle data 
  • You can customize what happens when a player disconnect
  • You can customize the verification of plate ownership