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Package Description

Compatible OneSync (Legacy, Infinity), QB-Core (all release versions should work, if not open a ticket)

Available languages: English, French

Depedencies: QB-Core, qb-management, oxmysql, menuv

No IP-Lock/Obfsucation !



What does the script bring ?

It is an impound system. Players will have to go to the impound lot if their vehicles are mobilized by the police or tow trucks. 

What are the features ?

  • Impound vehicles (job whitelist via Config), it saves vehicle properties
  • List currently impounded vehicles of all players (only visible for some professions, white list via Config)
  • Search for impounded vehicles of a specific person (only visible for some jobs, whitelist via Config)
  • List your vehicles at the impound
  • Return to the impound when a player disconnects and leaves his vehicle

I want to customize the script, what is available to me ?

  • You can modify the formatting money function
  • You can modify the notification function to adapt to your scripts
  • You can modify the remove vehicle function
  • You can modify the way to get/set vehicle data