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Package Description

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Compatible OneSync (Legacy, Infinity), QBCore/ESX frameworks
Uses Asset Escrow but the code is accessible
Supports: ox-target, qb-target, Ox Inventory, Quasar Inventory

> Preview


> What are the features ?

- You can rob an ATM with a C4 (explosion effect) or with a drill (real animations and effects)
- The police is notified with a notification and a blip
- Items for the robbering : C4, Rope, Drill
- Advance configuration
- Enable or disable one of the robbery (C4 or drilling)
- Translation file
- Percentage of chance to get any money from the ATMs
- Enable or disable whitelist vehicles
- Progress bar duration
- Discord logs with webhook

> Can I see the config file ?

Check https://docs.s1nscripts.com

> Support and Updates

Benefit from responsive customer support on discord and regular updates to ensure optimal script performance.